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Royal Delft creates a world of high-quality Delft Blue and inspires with centuries-old craftsmanship and innovation. The Dutch design brand is world-famous and known for its outstanding quality, iconic hand-painted objects and stylish decorations. Royal Delft’s original Delft Blue has been loved since the 17th century and is nowadays still produced by our craftsmen in Delft.

Within the designer collection the designers and master-painters of Royal Delft join forces with external designers and brands in order to craft the most striking Dutch Design pieces. These collaborations blend the heritage of Royal Delft with the unique touch of the designer. Through this synergy, a seamless fusion of tradition and innovation emerges,resulting in truly remarkable Dutch Design that capture the essence of  both past and present.


Moooi x Royal Delft  IDO | Housebird  Collar Bottles & Bowls Collection  Royal Blue Tattoo Collection Proud Mary 

Discuss! plates  Black & White Reflection Series  Royal Blue Collection


Moooi x Royal Delft


The Moooi x Royal Delft collection consists of interior objects with bold shapes, combined with iconic Delft Blue decoration. Royal Delft has been the manufacturer for the Delft Blue vase collection from Moooi for a long time. The vases from the Moooi x Royal Delft collection are handmade in the atelier in Delft, with an eye for detail and high-end quality. All objects in this collection are designed by Marcel Wanders, except the Blow Away Vase.

Blow Away Vase

The Blow Away Vase is a classic Royal Blue Delft porcelain vase that experienced something truly bizarre… it has been blown aside by a powerful gush of wind. The beauty of the vase lays in the fact that it is bent but not defeated. The Blow Away vase is designed by the Swedish design studio Front.

The Killing of the Piggy Bank

The Killing of the Piggy Bank represents a digital age of currency and the approach to extinction for physical money. The vase illustrates the exact moment the piggy bank is struck. This item is designed by Marcel Wanders.

Black Edition

MOOOI x Royal Delft proudly introduce the Black Edition especially made for three selected items from the MOOOI x Royal Delft collection: The killing of the Piggy Bank, The Rabbit and Vase Model 6. This collection relates to the Black and White Reflection Series of Royal Delft and stands out with the golden details and powerful ton sur ton reflection effects. Other eye-catching items within this collection are: the hand-painted blow away vase, and the new tiles from the Extinct Animals collection.

Extinct Animals decorative tiles

The Housebird | Iconic Design Objects

‘The Housebird’ is an exclusive Delft Blue Dutch Design object designed by I-DO in collaboration with Royal Delft. This exceptional partnership combines innovative technology with traditional craftsmanship. This unique artwork is hand-painted and handmade in our factory in Delft, creating a masterpiece where the past and the future converge. The Housebird is made from high-quality ceramic and features rich decoration and showcases a beautiful Dutch landscape. Produced in limited quantities, this Delft Blue collectible adds an artistic touch to your interior. Globally, only 50 pieces are available. The Housebird is priced at €5.400,00.

Collaboration between I-DO and Royal Delft:

I-DO (Iconic Design Objects) is a brand specializing in collectible art figures. From concept to the creation of art objects, they utilize advanced 3D printing technology. In collaboration with Royal Delft, an expert

The Housebird - I-DO x Royal Delft
The Housebird - I-DO x Royal Delft
The Housebird - I-DO x Royal Delft

Collar Bottles & Bowls | Arian Brekveld – BlueD1653

Dutch Designer Arian Brekveld graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 1995. His interest in ceramics in the mid ’90s was driven by the special and accessible character of the production process. Ceramics are a very important part of his work, where the fine materials, the formability, the smell of the liquid porcelain and the perfection that can be made down to the smallest details, play an important role for Arian. Over the years, Arian has collaborated with many iconic furniture and ceramic brands in the Netherlands. His designs have also found their way into the collections of various museums, including the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Boij mans van Beuningen and the MoMA in New York.

Royal Delft and the Dutch designer Arian Brekveld have a long history. Arian was one of the Dutch designers behind the BlueD1653 collection, for which he designed, among other things, the Collar Bowls, Collar Bottles and the Touch of Blue tableware. “I design my shapes for Royal Delft with their traditional painting patterns in mind. Once the shape of an object has been perfected, I work with the master painters to see how we decorate it with the rich classic Delft motifs. The classic painting work on the innovative shape produces an autonomous and timeless design,” according to Arian Brekveld.

Collar Bottle Blue Edition | Hand-painted

Collar Bottle Polychrome Edition | Hand-painted

Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo | Henk Schiffmacher

Hendrikus (“Henk”) Johannes Everhardus Schiffmacher was born in 1952 and is one of the most famous Dutch tattoo artists. From an early age, Schiffmacher was interested in sketching and drawing. In his younger years he often participated in drawing competitions, and often won them. Due to his artistic ambition he started at the Advertising School in Amsterdam. His interest in tattooing arose after he walked past a tattoo parlor in Amsterdam in the afternoon.

That interest has developed into its own art form that some tattoo artist dreams of. Because of the many trips Henk Schiffmacher has made throughout his life, he has been inspired in the old age ritual of tattooing.

In 2019, a unique collaboration between two traditional crafts from an old world. Delft Blue earthenware and tattoos have more in common than first meets the eye. There are parallels in the origin, meaning and craftmanship. Especially for this collaboration Henk Schiffmacher and the Royal Delft master painters have designed a collection where the two worlds almost literally meet. The collection consists of hand painted pieces and transfer items. The overseas brought here from the East; rich in culture, meaning, tradition and symbolism. Art forms that are applied by hand, only once. With a needle in the skin, with a paintbrush on baked clay. Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo is a tale on faith, hope and love. Composed of exclusively designed, hand painted objects and transfered pieces. “Ink connects. Layered, deeply rooted and a respectful ode to Delft Blue and the art of tattooing”, according to Henk Schiffmacher.

Royal Blue Tattoo | Limited Edition

Proud Mary | Koen & Middelkoop Design

Named after Mary Stuart II, the wife of Stadholder William III. Mary was a great admirer and collector of Delft Blue in the Dutch Golden Age. I have originated from the desire to give the iconic Delft Blue that Royal Delft has created since 1653, a contemporary look & feel. It is not a coincidence named after one of the largest collectors from the Dutch Golden Age, “it is my wish to become a modern collector’s item, a new Delft Blue icon by Royal Delft. I am proud to become Royal Delft’s newest icon: Proud Mary”.

Dutch Designers Chris Koens and Ramon Middelkoop graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Royal Delft and the Dutch designer Chris Koens have a long history. Chris was one of the Dutch designers behind the BlueD1653 collection, for which he designed, among other things, the Belly Tea Story, the Fruit Ring and Desk Ring. Together with Ramon Middelkoop they designed Proud Mary: composed of four different elements, the skirt, body, the collar and the head. She is available in the hand painted collection and the transfer collection.

Proud Mary | Hand-painted

Proud Mary | Transfer

Discuss! | Nicole van Schouwenberg van Skylla

The Diskus collection was designed in 2007 in collaboration with Nicole van Schouwenburg from Skylla. The collection consists of six different plates, each with a different statement for discussion. These signs are intended to provoke discussion. to start a conversation.


It’s precisely the Reverse! It’s not about What Somebody has to dó to become My Friend; it’s about What he may Refráin from doing. Friendship is not like a Newspaper you Cancel because you don’t like What they’ve Written one day. You’re only My Friend if I know your dark Side and want you in My Life anyway. Up until that point we are Acquaintances.


I’m Sure it’s No Coincidence that We’re Sitting at this table Together. Some things cannot be Mere Chance; everybxody has got an example of this. On the other hand I think it’s Nonsense to Say Chance doesn’t Exist. I mean What’s the Chance that Nothing ever happens by chance.

Black & White Reflection Series | Koen & Middelkoop – Arian Brekveld

The Black and White Reflection Series shows a new way of decorating applied by Royal Delft. The objects are finished with a powerful ton sur ton reflection effect in black and white, showing the traditional and well-known flora and fauna decoration style. The selection of objects in this series comes from the BlueD1653 collection designed by the Dutch Designer Arian Brekveld and the Proud Mary Collection by Dutch Designers Koens & Middelkoop.

Royal Blue Collection Bloom Edition | Sabine Struycken

ROYAL BLUE COLLECTION ® – BLOOM Edition originated in 2008 and is a collaboration between interior architect and art lover Sabine Struycken and Royal Delft. The collection consists of different sizes of ceramic apples with beautiful Delft Blue decorations. According to the ideas of Sabine Struycken, designed by one of the master painters of Royal Delft. The apples are true art objects and they unite traditional Delft blue in contemporary art.


The hand-shaped apples of the ROYAL BLUE COLLECTION ® vary in size from 6 centimeters to 29 centimeters. The BLOOM Edition consist of three different series, Touch of Nature, Touch of Gold and the Royal Dots. The apples from the last two series are decorated with plated 24 crt. gold. The Delft blue decoration of the apples has been specially designed by the master painters of Royal Delft, entirely according Dutch tradition. There is room for this unique Dutch Design object in every interior.

Touch of Nature

Touch of Gold

Royal Dots