Shop safely

Security is paramount for Royal Delft. We therefore treat your details as strictly confidential.We offer you the convenience of opting for the payment method of your choice. When paying by iDEAL your payment will be processed in the trusted payment environment of your own bank using your bank’s security system.

All customers who have internet banking accounts with Postbank, SNS Bank, Fortis, Rabobank and ABN AMRO can use it. This payment option only differs from online banking in that all the details are already entered for you.Payment with a credit card is also processed quickly. If the product does not perform as promised the purchaser is entitled to reclaim the cost from the credit card company.Payment by bank transfer does not take place online. For this payment method, purchasers must make the payment themselves to a Stichting account. All these payments will take you directly to a Secure Socket Layer secure connection, where your data is protected.

To ensure that your details are secure, you can also take action yourself:
– Never give your password to anyone else
– Do not spread any URLs of pages you have viewed when you activated your profile.

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