Peacock Symphony

A Symphony of beauty, pride and dignity

Peacock Symphony was introduced in December 2018 and has developed into one of Royal Delft’s most highly regarded tableware sets. The tableware is inspired by the peacock, a graceful bird that has symbolized pride, vanity, arrogance, power, prosperity and dignity since the European Middle Ages. Together with the graceful floral motifs and Delft Blue, the peacock gives the tableware a royal character. Just like a peacock, you don’t have to be afraid to show off this unique tableware. Let your table shine and amaze your guests with the majestic splendor of Peacock Symphony. This tableware is perfect to impress guests and at the same time extremely suitable for everyday use.

The collection

The Peacock Symphony tableware collection includes fourteen unique pieces, which makes the range very varied. Within this collection you will find three different bowls of different sizes, as well as a mug and various coffee cups and saucers, each designed for specific types of coffee. The collection also includes a charger plate, cake plate, dinner plate and dessert plate. For those who want to give their table a touch of extra charm, dessert and dinner plates are also available in a coupe design. With these various options you can set your table with pride and elegance.


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Proud Mary | Hand painted

In addition to the tableware, the Peacock Symphony collection also includes a Proud Mary. Proud Mary is named after Mary II, Queen of England and Ireland and also the wife of William III of Orange. Mary II was an avid lover and collector of Delft blue in the golden age. Because Mary II started collecting Delft Blue, Delft Blue became increasingly popular among the general public during the golden age. As a tribute to Mary II, Royal Delft has introduced the Proud Mary.

The “Proud Mary” from the “Peacock Symphony” collection has been carefully hand-painted by our master painters. This work of art consists of four separate parts: the skirt, the body, the collar and the head. Our collection of Proud Marys includes several versions of the “Proud Mary” each with rich and beautiful decorations, but this particular Mary exudes extra pride because of the images of peacocks on her skirt.


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Proud Mary Flower Peacock

Peacock Symphony Sets

Dessert plate: This dessert plate is a coupe version to finish your dinner in style.

Mug (0,3 L): A large mug of hot chocolate or tea is extra enjoyable in this Peacock Symphony mug.

Bowl: This smaller bowl matches perfectly with its larger sibling and can be used for chocolates or a small fruit salad.