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Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo Collection is expanding.

16 November 2023 - In honor of the year of the dragon in 2024, Royal Delft, in collaboration with Henk Schiffmacher, is launching the Royal Blue Dragon Series consisting of three dragon boards: the Water Dragon, the Tribal Dragon and the Blue Dragon. The Royal Blue Dragon Series is an extension of the Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo collection, a unique collaboration between Schiffmacher and Royal Delft.

Amitābha x Royal Delft Lamp Collection

15 November 2023 - Experience the fusion of timeless art and modern interior design with the exclusive Amitābha Studio x Royal Delft Lamp Collection. The collection includes two exceptional pieces: a limited edition hand-painted table lamp featuring a vibrant lampshade and Delft Blue hand-painted base, and the sophisticated Delft White open edition table lamp, boasting a ceramic white base with exquisite lampshade with the same design that adorns the hand-painted base of its collectible counterpart.

Extinct Animals decorative tiles - Moooi and Royal Delft

Moooi x Royal Delft expand collection with 8 Delft Blue tiles

2 November 2023 - Goed nieuws voor alle Moooi en Royal Delft fans! Moooi x Royal Delft lanceert een collectie tegels geïnspireerd op de succesvolle Extinct Animals collectie. Met de 8 verschillende decoratieve Delfts Blauwe tegels met daarop de Golden Tiger, Armoured Boar, Queen Cobra, Mimic Moth, Dodo Pavone, Dwarf Rhino, Dandelion Cranes en de Pogo Goat kun je eigen verzameling Extinct Animals creëren. De Extinct Animals Tiles zijn een geweldig cadeau voor de feestdagen voor alle interieur liefhebbers die graag een persoonlijk en onderscheidende touch toevoegen aan hun interieur.

Paleis het Loo collectie - Delfts Blauw

Royal collection for Paleis Het Loo

15 September 2023 - In order to celebrate the reopening of Paleis Het Loo in April 2023, Royal Delft developed a royal collection. The collection highlights the beautiful palace, the iconic peacocks, and the graceful fountain. The eye-catcher of this collection is the well-known Proud Mary, who is wearing a beautiful pearl necklace for the first time.

Royal Delft introduces the Wild Flower series with Proud Mary and tiles

14 September 2023 - Royal Delft introduces the new Wild Flower series. The series consists of a beautiful Proud Mary and colorful tiles. The collection is an ode to wild flowers and brings you back to nature. The decoration of this series is made in polychrome. The floral design is inspired by the old tiles from the Westraven collection from the 1930s. The polychrome Proud Mary and the tiles are now exclusively released.

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Delft Blue sinces 1653

Royal Delft has been creating high-quality Delft Blue since 1653. This age-old craft is passed on from generation to generation and iconic masterpieces are still made entirely by hand in Delft. In addition to classic pieces, the collection also includes contemporary decorations. The entire collection can be viewed in the Royal Delft webshop and in our showroom in Delft. Would you like to see how authentic Delft Blue is made? Then visit the Royal Delft Museum.

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