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Have a Royal Blue Christmas

This year too, Royal Delft traditionally introduces a beautiful hand-painted Christmas collection. The 2022 collection consists of two Christmas plates, a Christmas ball and a Christmas bell, all hand-painted by our master painters in Delft.

In addition to the hand-painted collection, Royal Delft is also introducing a Christmas ball this year in collaboration with Henk Schiffmacher.


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Goldie Tiles thuis

Royal Delft expands tile collection with ‘Goldie Tiles’

Our Delft Blue tile with a golden touch 

The designers at Royal Delft are expanding their original tile collection with the Goldie Tiles, a series that includes golden details and a nod to the past and present. The series consists of Delft Blue tiles with original Royal Delft designs that are playfully brought to life in the here and now.

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Royal Delft designs special anniversary tiles for the Cruyff Foundation

On February 8th, Royal Delft, producer of Delft Blue pottery, introduced a unique series of Delft Blue tiles in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Johan Cruyff Foundation. This unique series was commissioned by the Cruyff Foundation. Several special quotes and the signature of Johan Cruyff are placed on the tiles. 

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The miffy collection of Royal Delft expands!

A unique and perfect maternity gift: birth tile miffy. Who isn’t familiar with this world-famous bunny? She is now available on a Delft Blue tile that can be personalized with a name and date of birth.

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Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo

Sint-Joris en de Draak

Schiffmacher’s Royal Blue Tattoo collection expands with ‘Sint-Joris en de Draak’.  A handpainted plate with the ancient story of Joris from Cappadocië as the central decor, who entered into a fight with the dragon.

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Delft Blue sinces 1653

Royal Delft has been creating high-quality Delft Blue since 1653. This age-old craft is passed on from generation to generation and iconic masterpieces are still made entirely by hand in Delft. In addition to classic pieces, the collection also includes contemporary decorations. The entire collection can be viewed in the Royal Delft webshop and in our showroom in Delft. Would you like to see how authentic Delft Blue is made? Then visit the Royal Delft Museum.

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