Re-framed | Wall Panels

Re-framed | Wall Panels

Royal Delft proudly unveils a brand new series of ceramic wall panels that puts traditional wall panels in a new light. This collection, in collaboration with artist Bert Timmermans of Workingbert, combines heritage with modern art. Within this collaboration, Workingbert gives a contemporary view of flower and leaf motifs. In a process of pressing and steaming stacked, hand-picked wild and cultivated plants in rust water, the plants imprint themselves on paper. This results in detailed images with a painterly quality and accidental staining from the liquid in which they are steamed. The result: beautiful ceramic wall panels with Workingbert’s characteristic floral prints, executed in color schemes that give a nod to the Delft Blue of Royal Delft since the 17th century and create a link with the building ceramic period of Royal Delft from the early 1900s.


The origin

Royal Delft is known for its beautiful vases and plates that have traditionally occupied a prominent place in the interior. Delft Blue cabinets and wall panels adorn countless homes worldwide. Over the centuries, the ceramic shapes of Royal Delft have been determined by the prevailing art movements within the applied arts. Vases and bowls in particular always receive a lot of attention from designers.

The new approach

With Re-framed | Wall Panels, Royal Delft opts for a different approach to the phenomenon of wall panels. The idea came about because of the way images come to us today. From 4:3 television to 16:9 widescreen and from horizontal to vertical filming for the perfect display on social media such as Instagram and Tik Tok.


The Re-framed Wall Panels are produced in a limited edition. Only 150 copies of each piece in the collection will be made.


As a designer for fashion and interior fabrics, Workingbert works for various clients worldwide. Digital print design is one of his specialties.

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