Bespoke Delft Blue

Delft Blue business gifts

Royal Delft offers an extensive collection of gifts, from traditional plates, dishes and vases to modern design objects. You can give almost every gift a bespoke touch through the addition of your own logo in the design. If you want to make an unforgettable impression, you can create a bespoke, handpainted gift together with our crafstmen and painters. Together with them you can design the shape of the piece and the design of the Delft Blue decoration. Bear in mind that creating an own shape takes several months.

Miniature houses

Miniature houses with character

When translating a building into a miniature it is handwriting of the modeller of great importance. The omission of certain elements is necessary to it to be able to cast a model. The modellers from Royal Delft know how to do this in such a way that the unique character of your property is preserved.

Hand painted buildings

After the clay model has been cast and finished into a so-called biscuit, the master painter will paint the building using the unmistakably Royal Delft Delft blue decor techniques. Blues and details are applied by the painter, bringing the house to life.


Transfer technique

As an alternative to hand painting, there is also the option of applying the decor through screen-printed transfers. Our master painter makes a one-off design that can then be printed in multiples. This technique is best suited for larger numbers but from 25 pieces it is worth investigating all of these.

Bespoke Delft Blue decorations

At Royal Delft we have been making high-quality Delft Blue earthenware since 1653. We do this with extreme precision and high-quality material. With the same passion and expertise, we will make your Delft Blue customization.

Whether you want your logo on a product from our collection or that the master painters of Royal Delft paint your drawing on our high-quality earthenware based on your wishes, there are numerous possibilities. We would like to get in touch with you to discuss the options.

Are you looking for a special, bespoke Delft Blue gift? Look no further than Royal Delft. Our craftsmen, designers and painters are happy to help you create an unique gift. A specially designed Delft Blue product with your logo, a special text, date or decor that represents your identity or message. There are endless possibilities to commemorate a special occasion.

Your own logo

A typical Dutch gift with a subtle personal addition? Our products are perfect to do so. You can add your logo on almost any of our products, on either the front or the back. The addition of a logo is possible per piece on The Original Blue collection or for a larger quantity on the collections decorated with a transfer technique.

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