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Stylish Christmas decoration from Royal Delft

Decorate your Christmas tree with the Delft Blue Christmas collection from Royal Delft. The elegant Christmas collection fits perfectly with a traditional Christmas. Enrich your collection every year with the new pieces from the exclusive hand-painted collection or with a personalized Christmas ornament. Royal Delft’s classic Christmas decorations include Christmas balls, Christmas bells, Christmas cones and the exclusive hand-painted Christmas balls and Christmas plates 2022.. 


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Delfts Blauw Kerst

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Delfts Blauw Henk Schiffmacher kerstbal

The most wonderful tattoo of the year with Henk Schiffmacher

Royal Delft is adding a Christmas bauble with an out-of-the-box character. A ball decorated with the well-known designs of Henk Schiffmacher. The collaboration between Royal Delft and Schiffmacher started in 2019 and has led to an interesting collection, called Royal Blue Tattoo, where the common denominator is ink that connects. This year a Christmas bauble has been added to this collection.

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Hand-made in Delft

The origin and core of Royal Delft is the hand-painting of high-quality Delft Blue. In Delft, all hand-painted products are made in a traditional way. From making the molds to decorating the items by our master painter, a beautiful process that results in superior and iconic pottery. Make your Christmas really special with one of these unique items.

Christmas 2022 collection

This year Royal Delft traditionally introduces a beautiful hand-painted Christmas collection. The 2022 collection consists of two Christmas plates, a Christmas ball and a Christmas bell, all handmade by our master painters in Delft

The annual hand-painted Christmas collection is inspired by landscapes and is therefore a direct link to the new exhibition of the Royal Delft Museum: From Ruisdael to Frytom. The theme of landscapes has been developed into a beautiful collection by our master painter Jan-Willem van Nieuwenhuizen.

Paint your own Christmas ornament!

Would you like to paint your own Delft Blue Christmas ornament? This is possible during this painting workshop at the Royal Delft Museum! At the start of the workshop, choose from a Christmas ball, bell or drop. Unleash your creativity and paint with traditional black paint. When baked, the color changes into the well-known Delft Blue.

After about 10-12 working days you can pick up your ornament or we will ship it to your home address. Shipping costs are not yet included in the price and the workshops are suitable for children from 7 years old.

Price € 47.50 p.p.

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