Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship national and/or international?

We ship both in the Netherlands and internationally.

What is the delivery time of my order?

Orders via the webshop will be shipped from our warehouse in Delft within 2 working days, provided the products in the order are in stock. For more information, see the General Terms and Conditions.
The exact delivery time varies per product. The current delivery times can be found on the product page. We have a longer delivery time for hand-painted products.
If you order multiple products, including a product with a longer delivery time, we will send the products in stock to you. The product that has a longer delivery time will be shipped as soon as it is in stock. No additional shipping costs will be charged for this.

On which days do you deliver?

All our deliveries are provided by DHL, which delivers from Monday to Saturday. When your order is shipped, you will automatically receive a track and trace code by email. This way you can keep an eye on delivery.

Shipping Costs

What are the shipping costs?

For shipping within the Netherlands we charge €6.95 as standard. Orders from €100 will be shipped free of charge within the Netherlands.
Do you ship abroad? Then your minimum shipping costs depend on the weight of the ordered items and the country of destination. These shipping costs include packaging and handling costs, but do not take into account any import duties. If you place an order on the webshop that is higher than €1000, no shipping costs will be charged.
For orders over €150 you have to pay import duties. Please note that this amount excludes transport and insurance costs. The exact customs fees vary based on the type of product.

How can I follow my order?

You can follow your order with the track and trace code that you’ve received upon cofirmation of shipment. This confirmation is sent to your e-mail.

I don’t have a track and trace code.

When your order is shipped, you will automatically receive a track and trace code by email. This way you can keep an eye on delivery.

In most cases, your order has not yet been shipped.

Can I also pick up my online order in the store?

At the moment it isn’t possible to pick up your order in the store.

The products I’ve ordered are fragile, how are they shipped?

Royal Delft is an expert in the field of safe packaging of products. The products are packaged with recycled material as much as possible. The protective material used differs per item. Some products use foam packaging, which conforms to the product to prevent it from shifting.

Returns, Warranty & Cancellation

How can I exchange a product?

Have you ordered a product online?
If you wish to return a product within the 14-day trial period, we request that you complete this return form in full. Then add the completed form to the package. Shipping costs are for your own account.

Have you purchased a product in one of the Royal Delft stores?
Then you can return it within 14 days with the receipt.

Please note: Returning personalized products is not possible. However, if there is a problem with the product, such as a spelling error or damage upon arrival, please contact our customer service here for further assistance.

After the return period of 14 days, it is no longer possible to return a product.


Royal Delft guarantees products of the best quality. Before they go on sale, they are checked and inspected. The product also includes the legal warranty. This means that the consumer is entitled to free repairs, a new product or money back in the event of damage if the product is defective (for example, damage incurred during delivery). If the product is broken and/or damaged by the consumer himself (for example a crack due to dropping a product), the consumer is not entitled to the legal warranty.

I’ve placed an order, can I still change or cancel this?

If you would like to change or cancel a placed order, please contact our customer service here. They will discuss the options with you.

Do I have to pay the return costs myself?

If you choose to return a product, the consumer must pay the shipping costs. After the return period of 14 days, it is no longer possible to return a product.


How can I pay on the website?

You can pay with IDEAL, American Express, Visa and Mastercard.

Do you sell gift cards?

At the Flagship Store and the Brand Store in Delft you have the option to purchase a gift card. Our gift cards are available in amounts of €150,- €100,- €75,- €50,- and €25,-.

Please note: these gift vouchers can only be spent in stores and not online.

Where can I exchange my gift card?

The gift cards can only be exchanged in our stores. The giftcards can’t be exchanged for cash and cant be redeemed online.

Do the prices mentioned include VAT?

The prices mentioned on the website include 21% VAT.

My payment with the payment method I choose is not coming through

If you have trouble with the payment, you can contact our customer service here. The will help you as soon as possible.

I didn’t receive a confirmation mail

It may take a while before we receive and process your order. We always recommend to check your spam box.

Have you created an account? You can then see your order in the My Royal Delft environment under the heading: orders.

If you do not see your order in your order overview and have not received an email after more than 1 hour, please contact our customer service here.

Can I place an order without a Royal Delft account?

It’s possible to place an order at Royal Delft without having an account.

However, we recommend creating an account. This way you have an overview of your orders and other customer information in one place.


Can my tableware go in the dishwasher?

Royal Delft products are produced with great care and attention. We recommend that you check the product specifications of your ordered product to determine whether or not your product is dishwasher safe.

Please note: hand-painted products can not be placed in the dishwasher.


When is a product back in stock?

The exact availability of products may vary. If a product isn’t currently available, we offer the option to receive an e-mail when the product is back in stock. This option can be found on the product page

Can I receive an e-mail when a product is back in stock?

That’s certainly possible. If a product is out of stock online, you can click on the “notify” button. As soon as the product is in stock, you will receive a notification at the email address you provided.

If you have created an account, you can find an overview in the account. You can find this notification under the heading “stock notifications”.

Does the webshop have as many products as the Flagship Store (Rotterdamseweg) and the Brand Store (de Markt)?

The range of the Flagship Store (Rotterdamseweg, Delft) is the most extensive. The Brandstore (Markt, Delft) is the place for exclusive collaborations and iconic products from Royal Delft.

In some cases, the webshop does not have certain products that you can buy in the Flagship Store and vice versa.




Can I only buy your products from you or are there other points of sale?

If you are unable to visit one of our stores in Delft (Flagshipstore, Rotterdamseweg and Brandstore, de Markt), we would like to refer you to one of our other points of sale. You can find our other points of sale here. The range varies per point of sale.

What is the best way to hang my product? (i.e. a tile)

We have different products to ensure that you can best present your product. For example, we have different tile frames for hanging tiles. You can find this here.

We also have plate stands available, with which you can display your plates in a beautiful way. You can find our plate stands here.

Our wall plates have holes on the back and are equipped with a hanging hook. Our tiles come with adhesive instructions and a hook to hang them directly on the wall.

Our wall plates have holes on the back and are equipped with a hanging hook. Our tiles come with adhesive instructions and a hook to hang them directly on the wall.

What is the difference between ceramic, earthenware and porcelain?

Ceramics is a collective term for all products made from fired clay. The name is derived from keramos, the Greek word for potters.

Ceramics can be divided into earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. The distinction between these types of ceramics is determined by the composition of the raw materials and the firing temperature.

All our handmade and hand-painted products fall under Delft Blue pottery. You can find more information about the various types of ceramics on the website

Can you repair my broken Delft piece?

Repair of your Royal Delft piece

Our company does not restore Delftware. In the Netherlands we do have some names and addresses we can recommend.

  • Archeoplan, Kleveringweg 51 Delft Tel. 015 – 2052083
  • Koerts Restaurators, Vierde Broekdijk 43/b te Aalten  Tel. 0543 – 472905
  • Margot van Os Restoration, Neuweg 77 te 1214 GM Hilversum Tel. 035 – 6239789 (
  • Petra Bochove, Harderwijkstraat 45 te Den Haag Tel. 070 – 3609118
  • Ron Nieuwenhof, Beulakerweg 79 te Giethoorn Tel. 0521 – 362828
  • Adriaan van Dam, Mgr. Van de Weteringstraat 13A te Utrecht  Tel. 030 – 2302711 (
  • Sabine Westerhuis, Nieuwe Achtergracht 8, Amsterdam Tel. 020 – 4231808
  • Renske Dooijes, Leeuwerikstraat 4a, Amsterdam  Tel. 020 – 6329254
  • Eva Wolfs, Wolfs Conservation and Restoration, Amsterdam  Tel. 06-53262065
  • Restauratie Atelie Carlijn Louwers, Westeinde 339, Den Haag Tel. 070 – 4271672
  • Restauratie Atelier Jeroen ten Hoorn, Populierenstraat 14, Den Haag  070 – 3457054
  • Atelier van Beemen, Roosmarijn van Beemen Ma Pd. Res. Tel. 06-15558749
  • Nieuwe Looierstraat 80 II, 1017 VD Amsterdam
  • Maud Schermer, Karel Doormanlaan 220, 2572 NZ Utrecht Tel. 06-10794875
  • Restauratie Atelier Haverkamp – Leiden  Tel 06-27876402 ;
  • Marleen Beelen Leiden:   Tel. +31 643977805

Could you please tell me the value of my Royal Delft pieces?

Royal Delft does not appraise pottery.

The value of Delft pottery depends on various factors such as its ‘age’ and the demand for an item. An antique dealer or appraiser is the party that can best help with this and we would like to refer you to the Federation of Appraisers, Real Estate Agents, Auctioneers in Movable Property via

How can I recognize a product of Royal Delft/What is the trademark?

Each product has been marked at the bottom or at the back with a trademark. On this page you can find the logo and all of the year codes that Royal Delft has used over the years.

How can I find out how old my Delft piece is?

A year coding in letters has been used since 1879. Using the list of year codes you can determine the year in which your Delft pottery was manufactured. The list of year codes can be found here.

My article has a different mark. How can I establish it’s origin?

One of the most imitated decors in ceramics is the Delft decor, or the decoration in blue on a white background. Typical Dutch motifs are often used such as mill landscapes, seascapes and motifs derived from Chinese porcelain such as flower, leaf and tendrils, and scenes with Chinese figures. Sufficient information about the origin or makers of Delft pottery dating from the 17th and 18th centuries can be found in the specialist literature. In the vast majority of these works, the trademark description ends at the beginning of the 19th century. However, at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, numerous ceramic companies at home and abroad started manufacturing “Delft”-style earthenware or porcelain, the brands of which are not described. In July 1998, Stephen J. van Hook published the book Discovering Dutch Delftware. In addition to Royal Delft, you can also find various other producers of Delft pottery. ISBN 0-9665009-0-3. You can also try to find out the origin via this website.


If you have questions and/or complaints, please fill in this form.