Memento Blue Pebbles

A memory to remember

The Memento Blue Pebble is a small handmade and hand-painted ceramic urn. It is inviting to hold onto and to be cherished. An art object for your interior with special content.

The loss of a loved one is irreversible and everyone processes it differently. The need for a physical tribute, ritual, or tradition is of all centuries and occurs with all ages, ranks, classes, and cultural backgrounds. To honor, to remember, and to draw strength and energy from. With the Memento Blue Pebbles, Royal Delft offers a safe and stylish container for the ashes of a loved one.

Memento Blue Pebble

A small Delft Blue mini urn, comfort when needed

Subtle, light, easy to hold, striking, and unobtrusive at the same time. An organic shape with a compact seal. Stylishly designed design.

The designers, craftsmen, and master painters have worked with love, care, and attention to develop hand-painted decorations that match the personal memories associated with the loss of a loved one. The hand-painted decorations arose from many different forms of inspiration. Metaphors, symbols, and patterns all have a different origins. Various art styles are based on the changing nature, the course of homesickness and desire, transformation, and eternal love. The Memento Blue Pebble is available in 12 different designs. There is also the possibility to add your own decoration.

Sluitsteen keramische urn


The urn is closed with a seal at the bottom of the turn. The seal is available in either plain blue or white, with a natural cork, it ensures that the content remains safe. The color of the deal depends on your choice of Memento Blue Pebble. Bird in Paradise, Sailing, Tree of Life, the Wave, Blossom Blues, Blue Flower, and Tempo Doeloe have a blue seal and the other a white one. Would you like another color than the predetermined color or a personalized seal? Read more about this below.


Personalized urn

In addition to the collection of hand-painted Memento Blue Pebbles, there is the option of your own decoration. A special wish or idea is translated into a design in personal consultation with one of the master painters.

Gepersonaliseerde Delfts Blauwe Urn

Gepersonaliseerde sluitsteen

Personalized seal

The seal of the small urn can also be personalized with a ceramic transfer. The middle seals (W1, W3, B1, and B3) are inspired by this Delft Blue applique. It depends on your seal of choice whether you can personalize it with first- and last name, date of birth, date of passing, and a personal tekst consisting of a maximum of 50 words.

For a personal Memento Blue Pebble design or a personalized seal, please contact

Safe shipping of your urn

When your order for your Memento Blue Pebble has been received by us, one of our master painters will get to work. You can expect your urn to be delivered to your home within 3 to 4 weeks in the special Memento Blue packaging.

The filling of the urn is not done by Royal Delft. This last step of the grieving process requires a certain specialism. We recommend that you contact eh funeral home for this.

Download the brochure of the Memento Blue Pebbles here. In the brochure, you will find, among other details, more information about the sealing options and the technical specifications of the handmade urns.

Memento Blue Pebbles