Proud Mary

Proud Mary is a design by Koens & Middelkoop. The collection consists of large, hand-painted shapes and smaller variants decorated with a screen print. Proud Mary is a collection of collectibles that represent all the craft of Royal Delft. The Delft Blue figurine is composed of four different elements, the skirt, the bodice, the collar and the head. Made in the iconic Delft Blue and Polychrome design.

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Newest colorful member: Proud Mary Wild Flower

Due to great success, the Proud Mary Collection is further expanded with a beautiful colorful edition: Proud Mary Wild Flower. The decoration of this edition of Proud Mary is elaborated in polychrome. The design of the floral skirt is inspired by the old flower tiles of the Westraven collection from the 1970s.


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Proud Mary Wild Flower

Proud Mary Transfer

The creation of Proud Mary

Proud Mary is named after Mary II, the wife of Stadtholder William III and a great lover and collector of Delft Blue in the Golden Age. This stylish figurine originated from the desire to give the iconic Delft Blue of Royal Delft a contemporary look. The design consists of four interchangeable elements: the skirt, the bodice, the collar and the head. The design is by the Dutch designers Koens & Middelkoop, the decoration is designed by the designers and master painters of Royal Delft.

Proud Mary Limited Edition – Girl with the Pearl Earring

The showpiece of the Vermeer Collectibles is the Limited Edition Proud Mary Girl with the Pearl Earring. This iconic item is handmade in the studio in Delft. Then the master painter of Royal Delft applied a beautiful painting of the Girl with a Pearl Earring.


Proud Mary Handpainted