Proud Mary

My name is Mary and I am named after Mary Stuart II, the wife of Lord Lieutenant William III. Mary was a great admirer and collector of Delft Blue in the Dutch Golden Age. I have originated from the desire to give the iconic Delft Blue that Royal Delft has created since 1653, a contemporary look & feel. It is not a coincidence I was named after one of the largest collectors from the Dutch Golden Age, it is my wish to become a modern collector’s item, a new Delft Blue icon by Royal Delft. I am proud to become Royal Delft’s newest icon: Proud Mary.


Proud Dutch Design

Proud Mary is a design by Koens & Middelkoop. The collection consists of large, handpainted versions and smaller ones decorated with a transfer. The unique collection shall be extended the coming years. Proud Mary has been portrayed by photographer Marie Cécile Thijs.

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