Stylish Delft Blue maternity and baby gifts

Delfts Blauwe geboorteschenken

Something special like a birth calls for a unique gift. The Royal Delft collection contains beautiful timeless and lasting gifts for a birth. From classic hand-painted memorial plates to modern Delft Blue miffy birth tiles.


A special personalized gift

A classic gift is one of the hand-painted items from the Royal Delft collection. The birth bell, the birth tile and the birth plate are handmade in Delft. The master painter takes care of the detailed decoration and personalization of the selected item. A wonderful gift to impress.

Made in Delft: modern tiles for every nursery

An original gift with a modern touch: the Royal Delft birth tiles. The Miffy birth tiles are available in 6 different variants and can be fully personalized, making them a unique birth gift.

You can also make an impression with the Goldie Tiles Geboorte. The designers of Royal Delft have used the original Delft Blue tiles as a canvas and made a humorous translation to the here and now. The tile is handmade in Delft and has a golden touch. In addition to the Goldie Tile Birth, the collection consists of different variants that can be combined with each other.

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