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Goldie Tiles Royal Delft

The designers of Royal Delft have used the original Delft Blue tiles as a canvas and made a humorous translation to the here and now. Each tile is made by hand in Delft and tells its own story.

The combination of traditional Dutch designs and contemporary additions results in unique and comical tiles such as the ‘Sushi Chef’. The original design shows a stilt walker, with the Goldie Tile the stilts are made into sushi pieces. Both wading and eating sushi with chopsticks takes time and perseverance. Practice makes perfect, go for it!

NEW! Goldie Tiles Wedding & City

Due to its success, the designers of Royal Delft are expanding the Goldie Tiles with 11 new tiles: four wedding tiles with a bride and groom and seven tiles with (inter)national cities. With this expansion, love is celebrated with the perfect wedding gift or you give someone with the beautiful skyline of a metropolis as a gift. The new tiles meet the demand to include a tile in the collection for special occasions. The Goldie Tiles collection has been expanded with seven Goldie Tiles City. We travel from Delft to Amsterdam and Rotterdam. But also to international cities such as Brussels, Berlin, Paris, London and New York. Just like the other Goldie Tiles, the Goldie Tiles City have a traditional Dutch Delft Blue design with a golden touch.


Goldie Tiles Wedding

Goldie Tiles City

Dutch Design for every interior

The Goldie Tiles fit perfectly within Dutch Design. The designs are minimalist and made with a sense of humor. Style the wall in your living room with a number of these unique tiles and combine them with the wall plates and tiles from the Schiffmacher and Wunderkammer collection, for example, or hang them next to our traditional Delft Blue tiles. The Goldie Tiles are a real must-have in any contemporary interior.

Original designs from the past

Delft Blue tiles and Royal Delft have been inextricably linked for centuries. The tile collection varies from traditional old Dutch drawings to modern designs.

‘The Royal Delft collection contains rich treasures, one of which is the well-known Delft Blue tile. This piece of Dutch nostalgia is being rediscovered again at home and abroad. By giving our classic tile a contemporary twist, this tile becomes a real eye-catcher again’, says Joffrey Walonker (Design Manager Royal Delft).



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Goldie Tiles in the wild #Goldietiles

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