ROYAL BLUE COLLECTION ® – BLOOM Edition originated in 2008 and is a collaboration between interior architect and art lover Sabine Struycken and Royal Delft. The collection consists of different sizes of ceramic apples with beautiful Delft Blue decorations. According to the ideas of Sabine Struycken, designed by one of the master painters of Royal Delft. The apples are an art object and unite traditional Delft blue in contemporary art.

BLOOM Edition

The hand-shaped apples of the ROYAL BLUE COLLECTION ® vary in size from a touching 6 centimeters to a robust 29 centimeters. Within the BLOOM Edition there are three different series, Touch of Nature, Touch of Gold and the Royal Dots. The objects from the last two mentioned series are decorated with plated 24 krt. gold. The Delft blue decoration of the apples was, in consultation with the designer, specially designed by the master painters of Royal Delft, entirely in accordance with Dutch tradition.

There is room for this unique Dutch Design object in every living room, office or bedroom.