Meet the craftsmen of Royal Delft

The craftsmen of Royal Delft

Royal Delft has been creating high-quality Delft Blue since 1653. This age-old craft is passed on from generation to generation and iconic masterpieces are still made entirely by hand in Delft. In addition to classic pieces, the collection also consists of contemporary decorations. The hand-painted Delft Blue pottery from Royal Delft has grown into a true art form. Every day, the master painters of Royal Delft paint iconic pieces of Delft Blue. Not only are our products appreciated and loved worldwide as decorative interior items, but also gifts and collectibles.

We would like to introduce you to the makers of Delft Blue.

Meet Naatje

Meet Naatje, a passionate Delft Blue artisan. She is dedicating herself to a crucial process of crafting Delft Blue: molding, sponging and finishing the clay to create a premium product.



Meet Theo

Meet Theo, a devoted Delft Blue craftsman. He is working on a crucial aspect of crafting Delft Blue: engobing. Having applied a smooth layer, the product is ready to be hand-painted by our master-painters.



Meet Laurens

Meet Laurens, one of the master-painters at Royal Delft. Through his dedication and professional skills, he transforms this object into iconic Delft Blue treasures.



Meet Huib

Meet Huib, a dedicated craftsman who traditionally converts liquid clay into biscuit, ready for the painter. From pouring the clay, completing the finishing, carefully sponging to thorough inspection, Huib works with great accuracy every day.

Meet Patricio

Meet Patricio, one of the moldmakers of Royal Delft. He’s driven by a passion for perfection and craftsmanship. The craft demands precision and forms the foundation for every piece of Delft Blue.

Meet Leo

Meet Leo, one of the master painters at Royal Delft. With his years of experience and accuracy, he turns a blank item into iconic Delft Blue.

The creation of Delft Blue

The Royal Delft team works every day to create high-quality Delft Blue products together. From craft to innovation, from designing by our design team to creating the products in the studio, the entire process takes place in Delft by people with a passion for Delft Blue.

Ontmoet de makers van Royal Delft - Mallenmakerij

Original Delft Blue made by the craftsmen of Royal Delft

We proudly present the Royal Delft collection. Special items, special gifts and timeless interior objects. The Royal Delft collection consists of a variety of Delft Blue products.