Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo

Schiffmacher Sint Joris en de Draak

Ink connects. Layered, deeply rooted and a respectful ode to Delft Blue and the art of tattooing. A unique collaboration between two traditional crafts from an old world. The overseas brought here from the East; rich in culture, meaning, tradition and symbolism. Art forms that are applied by hand, only once. With a needle in the skin, with a paintbrush on baked clay. Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo is a tale on faith, hope and love. Composed of exclusively designed, hand painted objects and transfered pieces.

Sint-Joris en de Draak

The newest piece in the collection is ‘Sint-Joris en de Draak’. A hand-painted bowl with the ancient story of Joris from Cappadocia as a central decor, who fought the dragon. A mythical story, which symbolizes the eternal struggle between good and evil. ‘Sint-Joris en de Draak’ is a spectacular, richly decorated large classic 8-sided dish from Royal Delft and is being developed in a very limited exclusive edition of 40 pieces.

Henk Schiffmacher

“I love the stories of the early Saints, when the church was still forming. My grandfather told me these stories. And so is this impressive old story of Saint George and the Dragon. The darkness of the battle and the scenery of the crazy region of Cappadocia, where that battle was fought, comes into its own fantastically on this grand scale.”

Plate Easter Island

Vase True Love

Henk Schiffmacher at work in his tattoo shop