The Wunderkammer

The collection

The diverse collection of The Wunderkammer not only includes various sizes of plates, but also three different cheese plates, each with a different design and size. These cheese plates are not only suitable for serving different types of cheese, but are also great to use for decoration. The same applies for the pots and boxes in this collection. The pots and boxes are extremely suitable for storing teabags and biscuits but are also perfect for decoration, such as on the coffee table or in the (crockery) cupboard.

A room full of wonders

Show nature with Delft Blue

The Wunderkammer is a collection of Royal Delft that evokes wonder and curiosity. An eclectic collection of frogs, bugs and turtles, in cobination with beautiful flowers, are the centerpiece of this collection.

Wunderkammers or cabinets of curiosities were populair ways to entertain, bewilder or piqur the curiosity of guest in the 17th century. Exotic collections of animals or other objects obtained from far-flung countries were exhibited in the cabinets. These wunderkammers were for the happy few, those with enough wealth to compile such collections and houses large enough for the cabinets.
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Besides the imported curiosities from Asia, Chinese porcelain also made its way to Europe, paving the way for Delft Blue. Beautiful collections of Delft Blue often stood proudly alongside cabinets of curiosities. The Wunderkammer collection is inspired by both: the cabinets of curiosity and Delft Blue from the 17thcentury, but in a contemporary series.

The Wunderkammer tiles

The Wunderkammer collection counts 16 different kinds of tiles. These tiles feature colorful and organic designs of beetles and turtles. Each tile tells a different story, inspired by the wonders of nature. The tiles can be used individually or in combination with other tiles from the Wunderkammer collection, making them beautiful decorative pieces for the interior. A wonderful way to start for your own Wunderkammer.

A small wonder for on the wall