Miffy is ‘born’ in 1955. During a holiday in Egmond aan Zee, Dick Bruna tells his eldest son a story about a white rabbit that walks around in the garden of the holiday home every night before going to sleep. That rabbit becomes the inspiration of Miffy. The iconic bunny that is now world famous. Royal Delft has been making exclusive Delft Blue handmade products for Miffy since 2002!

Our collection

The collection where the traditional blue and white is applied in a unique and contemporary way. The world-famous bunny also gets a Delft Blue twist. All products in the collection are handmade. Naturally, the Miffy collection also contains a number of beautiful hand-painted items. The Miffy products are the perfect gifts for every life event. Classics to love, such as a hand-painted piggy bank or tooth box. Everyone is a fan of Miffy!


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Birth tiles

The perferct marternity gift, indispensable in every nursery: the Delft Blue Miffy birth tiles.

The tiles are made by hand in the workplace in Delft. There are six different designs of the Miffy birth tile that can be personalized with name and date of birth, but you can of course put whatever you want on them. The choices are endless so let your creativity run wild! Became curious?


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Magnets, we have our fridges full of them. The ideal souvenir for yourself or as a gift! The Miffy collection was certainly not complete without Miffy magnets.

The drawings on the magnets are all inspired by the official Miffy drawings by Dick Bruna and are applied to the magnets via a transfer method.

From Miffy to the beach to with a book or a bear. The choices are endless. Wondering which ones there are?


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How it’s made

The Miffy collection contains a number of beautifully traditional hand-painted items. This is how it’s made of our beautiful Miffy piggy bank:


A liquid clay is poured into the specially made mold. The inside of this mold has the shape of miffy. After some time, when the clay is thick enough, we pour the rest of the clay out of the mold and let it dry until the clay is ready to be removed from the mold.

Miffy is then sponged smooth and sprayed with a special layer of diluter clay called “engobe”. After that, the product is placed in the oven for the first time and heated to a temperature of 1160° C.

After 24 hours of baking, the product, now called ‘biscuit’, is removed from the oven. It is temporarily stored until one of our master-painters is ready to paint.


The master painter paint the traditional Royal Delft decorations on miffy by hand. They do this with special brushes made of sable and squirrel hair and a black paint based on cobalt oxide.

Miffy goes into the oven one more time. The cobalt in the paint undergoes a chemical reaction in the oven that changes the color from black to blue. Once out of the oven, the product is ready for quality control. Every product is inspected from top to bottom to determine whether it can be sold as as Premium Royal Delft product, the hallmark of quality.

Hand-painted items