BLUE Transition

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Artistic Evolution on a plate

Blue Transition takes you on an artistic journey of tradition and modern art. The six-piece Delft Blue dinnerware set as a whole looks like a playful and abstract work of art. Each part has its unique decoration as well as connected in its entirety by the central subject: the iris. Blue Transition is a modern tableware made for everyday use.

Stylish mix and match series with six unique designs

All six parts of the Blue Transition have characteristic decoration and work perfectly as an eye-catching element during a cozy coffee moment, a festive brunch, a simple lunch or a casual drink. Blue Transition is a real mix and match series that fits the new interior trends. A stylish series for every day, for every moment.


“I saw a clear image: the ink that is eventually stylized, as a kind of animation with a lot of movement. A transition in which the dance of the material becomes a play of lines and ultimately results in a flower. With this, I wanted to capture and honor the beauty and simplicity of the Dutch iris”

– master painter Royal Delft

Bord M - Blue Transition

The Blue Transition tableware

Bord Diep - Blue Transition
Bord L - Blue Transition
Blue Transition Servies