Blue D1653

Collar Bottle Blue & Polychrome

The handmade and hand-painted Collar Bottle Blue and Polychrome from the Blue D1653 collection is a beautiful Delft Blue interior piece. The iconic design on the contemporary object is a real eye-catcher and designed by Arian Brekveld.

This beautiful Delft Blue vase is handmade in our factory in Delft. From making the mold, pouring the clay to painting this unique vase. During every step of the making process, the makers of Royal Delft pay attention to the details.

Because the Collar Bottle Blue and Polychrome Editions are handmade and hand-painted, there is a delivery time of two to three weeks.



Collar Bottles & Bowls

Touch of Blue tableware

The Touch of Blue tableware is part of the BlueD1653 collection and is characterized by a refined aesthetic detail. The BlueD1653 products are designed by Dutch guild masters from the 21st century: famous Dutch designers. They create and develop new products and are inspired by the master painters of Royal Delft. The collaboration leads to products with their own character; Delft Blue meets Dutch Design. The Touch of Blue tableware is designed by Arian Brekveld. Discover the extensive collection below!

Versatiles, Double Heritage, Blue Belly Tea & Blue Rings.

Expand the tableware collection with a number of beautiful eye-catchers. Serve for sushi or tapas on one of the versatiles. The Versatiles pieces and the Double Heritage collection are designed by Damian O’Sullivan. Chris Koens designed the fruit ring, desk ring, tea pot and mugs.