Birth tile miffy

Geboortetegel nijn

The miffy collection of Royal Delft expands!

1955 marks the birth year of miffy. During a holiday in Egmond aan Zee, Dick Bruna’s oldest son is told, every night before bedtime, a story about a small white rabbit that hops around the holiday home. That rabbit became the source of inspiration for miffy. The iconic little rabbit has gained world fame. Since 2002, Royal Delft creates hand-made products for miffy and is now expanding its collection.


Customizable birth tile miffy

New in the miffy collection from Royal Delft is the birth tile miffy that is created with a transfer technique and can be personalized. There are six different designs of the birth tile miffy that are customizable with a name and date of birth. The miffy birth tile is the result of a unique collaboration between two iconic Dutch companies that are known worldwide: Royal Delft and miffy.






View the miffy birth tiles here

Geboortetegel nijntje bal

Geboortetegel nijntje juicht


The customizable miffy birth tiles are hand-made in the factory of Royal Delft. It is not possible to make changes to the personal texts after ordering. Therefore, pay extra attention to the text you enter and take into account an estimated delivery time of approximately 3 weeks.