Royal Delft highlights Vermeer

24 January 2023 - As of February, the 17th-century master Johannes Vermeer will be in the spotlight at Royal Delft. Royal Delft joins in with the Rijksmuseum, which is exhibiting the largest overview of Vermeer for the first time in history. In the coming period, the emphasis at Royal Delft will be on the close link between Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles and Johannes Vermeer. For example, it is possible to paint your own Vermeer artwork on tile during a visit to the museum, and photographer Bas Meeuws gives his view of Vermeer with modern flower still lifes. In addition, the existing collection has been expanded with the Vermeer Collectibles by Royal Delft. A special collection with a modern touch.

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Three new Proud Mary’s

22 December 2022 - This year three new Proud Mary's have been added to our collection. Proud Mary is the perfect gift this December. Take a look at them and shop them via the links below.

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Royal Delft introduces the 2022 Christmas collection

16 November 2022 - Also this year Royal Delft traditionally introduces a beautiful hand-painted Christmas collection. The 2022 collection consists of two Christmas plates, a Christmas ball and a Christmas bell, all handmade by our master painters in Delft. The annual hand-painted Christmas collection is inspired by landscapes and is therefore a direct link to the new exhibition of the Royal Delft Museum: From Ruisdael to Frytom. In addition to this hand-painted collection, Royal Delft adds a Christmas bauble with an out-of-the-box character. A ball decorated with the well-known designs of Henk Schiffmacher.

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Opening Royal Delft Brandstore

Officiële opening Royal Delft Brandstore door Henk Schiffmacher

14 September 2022 - Gisteren, 13 september 2022, opende Tattoo Artist Henk Schiffmacher officieel de stijlvolle Brandstore in het centrum van Delft op de Markt 62-64. Begin augustus opende Royal Delft na een soft opening de deuren van de Brandstore in het centrum van Delft. Een prachtige tweede winkellocatie midden in het centrum van Delft, die klanten een exclusieve Royal Delft shopping experience biedt. In de winkel wordt uiteraard de Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo collectie verkocht. Daarnaast is een selectie van producten uit andere recente collecties verkrijgbaar zoals Proud Mary, BlueD1653, nijntje en Goldie Tiles. Ook kunnen klanten in deze winkel terecht voor iconische handgeschilderde items.

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New collection: The Wunderkammer

9 September 2022 - Wunderkammers or Cabinets of Curiosity were popular ways to entertain, bewilder or gain your guests curiosity in the 17th century. Exotic collections of animals or other objects obtained from far-flung countries were exhibited in the cabinets...

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