Royal Delft combines heritage with contemporary art during Salone del Mobile in Milan

28 March 2024

From 16 to 21 April 2024, Royal Delft will showcase its work at Masterly during the Salone del Mobile design week in Milan. This participation will spotlight Royal Delft for an international audience on a prominent stage where two beautiful new concepts will be introduced: Re-Framed | Wall plates and Mazzo Blue Collection. Products from the Moooi x Royal Delft collaboration will also be on display during Moooi’s presentation in Milan. Royal Delft is known for its high-profile collaborations with Moooi and other leading Dutch designers and artists. These remarkable collaborations will be highlighted during Masterly.

Re-framed | Wall Panels

The foundation of Re-Framed is a stunning series of decorative ceramic wall panels that redefines traditional decorative wall plates. In a collaborative project that blends heritage with contemporary art, designs by our own master painters feature alongside those of other outstanding artists and designers. The work of designer Bert Timmermans of Workingbert is showcased in the debut of this collaborative collection, in which he offers a modern interpretation of floral and foliage motifs. Timmermans employs a botanical eco-printing technique whereby hand-picked wild and cultivated plants are layered, pressed and steamed in rust water to leave distinctive imprints on paper. This produces detailed images with a painterly quality and unique, serendipitous marks made by the steaming liquid. The result: exquisite ceramic wall panels featuring Workingbert’s signature floral prints, rendered in hues that are a nod to Royal Delft’s iconic Delft Blue, renowned since the 17th century, and form a link with Royal Delft’s architectural ceramics from the early 1900s.

Mazzo Blue Collection

The Mazzo Blue Collection, created in a collaboration between Royal Delft and designer Arian Brekveld, celebrates the beauty of flowers. This vase collection was unveiled in the heart of Italy’s design capital, Milan, inspiring the perfect name: Mazzo Blue, a playful reference to the Italian word for bouquet. Mazzo Blue is a dynamic mix-and-match collection of harmoniously coordinated ceramic vases in three sizes. The elegant, organic contours that form the neck of each vase are inspired by the graphic lines of flower petals. The series consists of vases with two, three or four petals, with the three- and four-petal vases comprising two parts. The basis is a vase with a simple shape, into which a ceramic form resembling sepals can be inserted, like a calyx emerging from the opening. The combination creates the luxurious impression of a vase that is abundantly filled. The floral decoration is the work of Royal Delft’s master painters. This exquisite hand-painting further enhances the impression of a full vase. And for those who enjoy fresh flowers, the vases can also be used to display bouquets, which are supported beautifully by the ceramic calyces.

The uni colors used in this collection are based on the Royal Delft colour palette. They will be presented at Masterly with traditional hand-painted artwork. The collection dovetails seamlessly with the rich tradition of hand-painted Delft Blue earthenware, which prominently features floral designs.

Moooi x Royal Delft

A selection of Royal Delft products created in collaboration with Moooi will be on display during Moooi’s Experience A Life Extraordinary presentation in Milan. The collection consists of 18 unique interior objects: bold shapes combined with classic Delft Blue decoration. This year, the collection will be complemented by the Black Edition, featuring several eye-catching pieces produced entirely in black with bold gold accents and tone-on-tone detailing. Each item is hand-crafted in the atelier in Delft, with meticulous attention to detail and quality.


Masterly is an initiative by Uniquole, organised in close collaboration with the Dutch embassy in Italy. In the company of other distinguished Dutch companies, design agencies and collectives renowned for their outstanding design and high-quality products, Royal Delft will present its products in the historic Palazzo dei Giureconsulti in the heart of Italy’s design capital, Milan. Dutch design is attracting increasing international attention, aligning with Royal Delft’s global ambitions. Royal Delft is proud to be a participant in this collective.

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Workingbert x Royal Delft: Re-framed | Wall Panels

Photo credits: Ilco Kemmere

Arian Brekveld x Royal Delft: Mazzo Blue Collection

Photo credits Nicole Marnati