Blue D1653

Collar Bowl no.1 White Reflection

Black and White Reflection Series

This graceful Collar Bowl no.1  is part of the Black and White Reflection Series and shows a new way of decorating, applied by Royal Delft. The objects are finished with a powerful tone-on-tone reflection effect in black and white, revealing the traditional and well-known flora and fauna decoration style. The selection of objects in this series comes from the BlueD1653 collection, designed by Dutch designers Arian Brekveld and Koens & Middelkoop. The two beautiful Collar Bowls, together with the Proud Mary, create a powerful series.


The design | Arian Brekveld

Arian Brekveld, a leading Dutch designer with an impressive portfolio, plays an important role within the Black and White Reflection Series with his Collar Bowls. Arian Brekveld has designed beautiful Collar Bowls in close collaboration with Royal Delft.

In 2024, the Collar Bowls underwent a contemporary transformation led by the Royal Delft Design Team. The bowls are now available in completely black or white, with the powerful tonal flower decoration. The new decoration technique brings out a reflective effect, which shows off the traditional flora and fauna decoration style remarkably well.



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Collection Blue D1653
Craftmanship Transfer
Dimensions 30 × 30 cm
Artikelnr. 48100400
Chosen: Collar Bowl no.1 White Reflection
  • Collar Bowl no.1 Black Reflection


Collection Blue D1653
Design Arian Brekveld
Colour Delfts Zwart
Dimensions 30 × 30 cm
Style Modern
Craftmanship Transfer
Weight 2,30 kg.
Artikelnr. 48100400
Usage Not dishwasher safe
Not microwave safe

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