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Tile Extinct Animals Dodo Pavone

Moooi x Royal Delft present a unique collection: the original Delft Blue tiles from Royal Delft from Moooi’s Extinct Animals collection. Inspired by beautiful drawings from The Museum of Extinct Animals, eight ceramic tiles were designed and handmade in the studio in Delft. Each tile represents one of these beautiful animal species in Delft Blue, together they form a unique collection.


The Extinct Animals: Dodo Pavone

“The Dodo Pavone’s life was a dream come true. Imagine living for millions of years on the exotic island paradise of Mauritius, quietly strolling around in a luscious forest and along a crystalline sea. Then visualize being the biggest and strongest animal of the island, in harmony with your surroundings, feeling like the king of the world…

They were never in a hurry. If they had to go somewhere, the entire family would follow, gently wobbling along, curious and fearless. It has been reported that the first time a Dodo Pavone saw a human being, he just wobbled straight up to him without hesitation, even giving a small nod, almost saying: “hi!” 

They were amiable, friendly in appearance. Their natural outfit was a soft plumage of silvery feathers, with different nuances of grey, blue, beige and white, decorated with a cute pompom at the tail. Their colourful, rounded beaks were greatly admired by the first settlers, who were known to collect Dodo eggs as vases for their prized tulips.” Moooi The Museum of Extinct Animals.


The decorative tile in every modern interior
These decorative tiles are beautiful, distinctive accents to personalize a room. The mix of tradition and contemporary art is a beautiful addition to modern interiors. The decorative tiles from Royal Delft are equipped with a hanging hook. Add a contemporary touch to a modern interior by subtly hanging it as a work of art, next to wall plates or other wall decoration. Give the tile extra body by placing it in one of the tile frames. Add a striking accent to a mantelpiece or shelf and enrich the space with a touch of artisanal elegance.


Would you like to combine the Extinct Animals decorative tiles with blank tiles? Then use this tile for the perfect result.


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Collection Moooi x Royal Delft
Craftmanship Transfer
Dimensions 13 × 13 cm
Artikelnr. 46413500


Collection Moooi x Royal Delft
Design Moooi
Colour Delft Blue
Dimensions 13 × 13 cm
Style Modern
Craftmanship Transfer
Weight 0,25 kg.
Artikelnr. 46413500
Usage Not dishwasher safe
Not microwave safe

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