Official opening Royal Delft Brandstore by Henk Schiffmacher

14 September 2022

Yesterday, September 13, 2022, Tattoo Artist Henk Schiffmacher officially opened the stylish Brandstore in the center of Delft at Markt 62-64. At the beginning of August, Royal Delft opened the doors of the Brandstore in the center of Delft after a soft opening. A beautiful second retail location right in the center of Delft, which offers customers an exclusive Royal Delft shopping experience. The Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo collection is of course sold in the shop. In addition, a selection of products from other recent collections is available, such as Proud Mary, BlueD1653, Miffy and Goldie Tiles. Customers can also go to this store for iconic hand-painted items.

Opening Royal Delft Brandstore

Exclusive shopping experience at the Markt

The character of the old building in combination with the stylish interior design in which the classic and modern Delft Blue items stand out beautifully, offers customers a complete and unique Royal Delft experience. For example, the hand-painted ‘St George and the Dragon Bowl’ by Henk Schiffmacher has been enlarged on the wall and a pyramid of Proud Mary’s can be admired. Worth a visit for both Dutch customers and foreign tourists.

The shop on the Markt is complementary to the Flagship Store and the Royal Delft Museum on Rotterdamseweg. By opening a second location right in the center of the city, Royal Delft increases the accessibility of its products. Especially for tourists who only make a short visit to the city center, the shop on the market is the perfect location.

“With our Brandstore, we strive to be a valuable addition to the existing range of Royal Delft products at our retailers on the Markt. Together with our retailers, we like to keep the level of Delft Blue in the center high. In this way, we ensure that consumers go home with valuable, tangible memories after a visit to Delft,’ says Jeroen Puyman Commercial Director of Royal Delft.

High-quality Delft Blue

Royal Delft is the leading producer of handmade Delft Blue pottery and has been making trend-transcending icons for years. In addition to the characteristic hand-painted collections, Royal Delft distinguishes itself with special Dutch Design collections and collaborations with well-known designers and brands. As of today, a selection of products from these collections is also available at the Markt in Delft. In addition to the Royal Delft collections, the store will also have room for product launches and other events. Royal Delft will furnish the shop on the Markt thematically in order to continuously surprise its visitors.

Henk Schiffmacher x Royal Delft

The official opening was provided by Henk Schiffmacher. He signed a tile that will be immortalized in the building. In 2020, Henk Schiffmacher and Royal Delft introduced a beautiful collection of Delft Blue. “Ink connects” was the basis of this collaboration. Layered, deeply rooted and respectfully an ode to Delft Blue and the art of tattooing. A unique collaboration between two traditional crafts from an ancient world. Brought here from the east by sea. Rich in culture, tradition and symbolism. Art forms that are applied once by hand. With a needle in the skin or with a brush on the biscuit. The Schiffmacher Royal Blue Tattoo collection can also be found in the shop on the Markt.