Unique collaboration between Australian Luxury fashion label CAMILLA and Royal Delft.

17 January 2024

CAMILLA x Royal Delft

After an inspirational trip to the Netherlands, the Australian luxury fashion label CAMILLA invited Royal Delft for a unique global partnership. The collaboration has resulted in a beautiful collection by CAMILLA, inspired by Royal Delfts’ artwork and designs. This pioneering venture brings together the distinctive CAMILLA style and timeless, centuries-old craftsmanship of Royal Delft, in a truly unparalleled, one[1]of-a-kind collection. These two iconic brands unite to redefine the boundaries of fashion and artistry.


This collaboration seamlessly resonates with the modern ‘Blue Loving’ audience, showcasing that renewal can be achieved by drawing inspiration from history. It is a testament that you can renew things by going back in history.” Joffrey Walonker – Design Manager Royal Delft.


When you visit Royal Delft, you’re greeted by a feast of blue and white, you feel wrapped in a proud creative energy that has become a signature calling card for the Netherlands. I wanted to capture that beautiful sense of artistry and unwavering dedication to craft.” Camilla Franks – Creative Director and Owner of CAMILLA

CAMILLA x Royal Delft

Royal Delft was honoured to participate in this project. The link was quickly made, the mutual love for creativity and craftsmanship was the basis for this collaboration. Royal Delft was the stage for a beautiful fashion shoot. In addition to the exclusive collection, a set of hand-painted bespoke vases has been created and will be shown in various stores during the season.

Camilla Franks, a leading Australian fashion designer, is globally celebrated for her artistic, innovative, and intricate designs inspired by her travels and imaginative escapism. Since her debut collection at Australian Fashion Week in 2004, Camilla’s brand has grown into a global print house, with prints sold in 55 countries. Each limited-edition collection is born out of Camilla’s immersive experiences in distant lands, featuring hand-drawn and painted prints, handmade cuts and sews, and precision-applied embellishments.

The full collection is available from January 17th, 2024, via the CAMILLA website, in stores and selected wholesale partners.


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