Royal Delft supports the Salvation Army

8 June 2022

In honor of the 135th anniversary of the Salvation Army in the Netherlands and the opening of the Majoor Bosshardthuis in Amsterdam, Royal Delft is donating a famous Tulip Vase Pyramid to the Salvation Army. The decoration of the Tulip Vase Pyramid was created in collaboration with Abrona, which supports people with an intellectual disability. The clients of Abrona worked together with the painters and volunteers of Royal Delft during the decoration. The unique vase was on display today during the opening by Her Majesty Queen Maxima of the historic house on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal in Amsterdam.

 Opening Majoor Bosshardthuis - Maxima & Tulpenvaas

The icon of Royal Delft: the Tulip Vase Pyramid

The iconic Delft Blue vase consists of a stack of increasingly smaller elements. Flowers can be placed in all spouts of this 120 cm high vase. This imposing flower pyramid is modeled on the late 17th century (royal) pyramids and is still produced in Delft according to age-old tradition. More than 300 years after the first examples were developed in Delft, the Tulip Vase Pyramid is a famous national icon with royal allure. It is one of the most precious objects in the Royal Delft collection.


Collaboration with Abrona

Not only the shape and history of the Tulip Vase Pyramid is exceptionally unique. The designs were applied this time by Abrona, an organization that supports people with intellectual disabilities (at Johannes in Zeist). Their very passionate clients work daily on beautiful pottery objects, but had never before been allowed to decorate such a valuable item. The master painters and volunteers of Royal Delft shared their knowledge and expertise with the clients before and during the painting work. An unforgettable collaboration for both parties that can best be described by means of the Abrona slogan: with each other, for each other.


The Major Bosshard House

The historic house (also known as the Weapon of Riga) at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 14 in Amsterdam had been the home of Major Bosshardt since the 1950s, where she received vulnerable people from the city center of Amsterdam. Major Bosshardt has become an icon for the work of the Salvation Army, which is dedicated to helping vulnerable people in society. The house has been restored to its original state and becomes a house of experience in ‘being there for someone else’. The Tulip Vase Pyramid comes into its own in the living room of the building and will also create a link here between the Koopmanshuis from the 17th century, the same century in which Royal Delft was founded.


Royal Delft supports the foundation’s objective and, like the Salvation Army, believes in equal opportunities. We are proud to have been able to contribute to the anniversary of the foundation in this way. We see the Pyramid as a proud eye-catcher in a pleasant location where everyone feels welcome. The collaboration between Royal Delft and the Salvation Army will be further expanded in the near future,” says Jeroen Puyman – Sales Director Royal Delft.