Royal Delft expands Goldie Tiles collection with Wedding & City

23 March 2023


Due to its success, the designers of Royal Delft are expanding the Goldie Tiles with 11 new tiles: four wedding tiles with a bride and groom and seven tiles with (inter)national cities. With this expansion, love is celebrated with the perfect wedding gift or you give someone with the beautiful skyline of a metropolis as a gift. The new tiles meet the demand to include a Goldie Tile in the collection for special occasions as well.

A special wedding gift

The Delft Blue tile is widely known and inextricably linked to Royal Delft. Royal Delft has been known for many years for special wedding gifts. A classic with a contemporary twist is now added. There are four wedding tiles: two brides and two grooms facing both left and right. Mix and match these tiles to create the perfect couple.

From Delft to…

The Goldie Tiles city show how the old Dutch landscape is connected with seven world cities. Behind the landscape appears the skyline of Brussels, Berlin, Paris, London and New York. But we are also looking closer to home with Amsterdam and Rotterdam. A wonderful gift for a real world traveler.

The story behind the Goldie Tiles

Since the introduction last year, the tiles with a golden touch have been a great success. The collection gives a nod to the past and the present. The series consists of Delft Blue tiles with original designs from Royal Delft, which are brought to life in the here and now with a humorous touch. All tiles are made by hand in the studio in Delft and each tells their own story. The artisan image takes you on a journey to the modern world; an old Dutch drawing nowadays. The landscape with the mill, enriched with the skyline of a city, a traditional farm with Alpacas on the land and the workhorse that has been transformed into a unicorn.


Goldie Tiles Wedding

Goldie Tiles City