Royal Delft expands tile series with ‘Goldie Tiles’

24 May 2022


The designers of Royal Delft are expanding the original tile collection with a tile series with golden details, a nod to the past and the present: the Goldie Tiles. The series consists of Delft Blue tiles with original designs from Royal Delft, which are brought to life in the here and now with a humorous touch.

Handmade in Delft

The tiles from this collection are handmade in Delft and each tell their own story. The artisan image takes you on a journey to the modern world; an old Dutch drawing nowadays. The landscape with the mill, enriched with the skyline of a city, a traditional farm with Alpacas on the land and the workhorse that has been transformed into a unicorn.

Dutch Design for every interior

The Goldie Tiles fit perfectly within Dutch Design. The designs are minimalistic and made with a sense of humour. Style the wall in your living room with a number of these unique creations and combine the Goldie Tiles with the wall plates and tiles from the Schiffmacher and Wunderkammer collection, for example, or hang them next to our traditional Delft Blue tiles. The Goldie Tiles are a real must-have in any contemporary interior.

Centuries of tradition

Royal Delft and Delft Blue tiles have been inextricably linked for centuries. The tile collection varies from traditional old Dutch drawings to modern designs.

‘The collection of Royal Delft contains rich treasures, one of which is the well-known Delft Blue tile. This piece of Dutch nostalgia is being rediscovered at home and abroad. By giving a contemporary twist to our classic tile, this tile becomes a real eye-catcher again’, says Joffrey Walonker (Design Manager Royal Delft).

The Goldie Tiles collection consists of 22 different tiles. The tiles are available from today for €34.95 at our retailers, in our store and on our webshop

View the series here

Goldie Tiles thuis