The Original Blue

Sugar & Cream set

The hand-painted sugar bowl, cream jug and tray together with the Delft Blue jug form a beautiful set. It is clearly visible that the decorations on the three Delft Blue products match each other. Since each set is hand-painted, no two pieces are exactly the same. This ensures you have a unique showpiece on your coffee table at home.


Royal Delft

Royal Delft creates a world of high-quality Delft Blue and inspires with age-old craftsmanship and innovation. The Dutch Design brand is world famous and known for its excellent quality, iconic hand-painted objects and stylish decorations. The original Delft Blue from Royal Delft has been loved since the 17th century and is still produced today by our craftsmen in Delft.

Delivery time 2/3 weeks


Collection The Original Blue
Craftmanship Hand-painted


Collection The Original Blue
Colour Delft Blue
Style Classic
Craftmanship Hand-painted
Weight 0,76 kg.
Usage Not dishwasher safe
Not microwave safe

Sugar pot

The sugar pot is part of the tea set and comes on the table when coffee or tea is served. This sugar bowl in Delft Blue is hand painted by the painters of Royal Delft, so no copy is the same.



The creamer belongs to the tea set and comes to the table when coffee or tea is poured. The decoration in Delft Blue gives the tea set a rich appearance on your coffee table.


Tray sugar & creamer set

Together with the Delft Blue jug, this hand painted sugar pot & creamer tray forms a set. You can see that the decorations of the three products in Delft Blue match. Because the tray is hand painted, no copy is the same. This guarantees a unique product on your coffee table at home.