Trophy for the prestigious racing event of the year is handmade in Delft

24 August 2023

Studio Piet Boon werkt samen met Royal Delft voor de ontwikkeling van de iconische trofee

After the design of the championship cup in 2021, the Studio Piet Boon design team seizes the opportunity again this year to redesign the iconic 1939 trophy, once presented by the former Prince Bernhard of Orange. This initiative aims to revive the historical significance of the trophy while at the same time providing it with a modern elegance. The trophy is being developed in close collaboration with Royal Delft.

Crafted from high-quality ceramics, the trophy shows Studio Piet Boon’s dedication to preserving the rich craft that still thrives in the Netherlands. In collaboration with a team of professionals at Royal Delft, which has been creating high-quality Delft blue since 1653, the trophy has found capable hands. This collaboration emphasizes the continued excellence of Dutch craftsmanship. The trophies are carefully crafted by hand in the workshop in Delft.

On August 27, 2023, it will be announced in Zandvoort who will take home this prestigious trophy.

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