Salone del Mobile – Milan 2023

From 18 to 23 April 2023, Royal Delft will present itself at Masterly The Dutch during Salone del Mobile in Milan. With this participation, Royal Delft puts the brand in the spotlight in a leading position for an international audience. Due to corona, participation in the event has not been possible in recent years. The content of our comeback is in the theme ‘Out of the Blue, into the Dark or into the Light’. Products with decorations in surprising effects that fit these turbulent times. We are very much looking forward to the 7th edition of masterly – the dutch in milano organized by Nicole Uniquole.

Royal Delft is known for its prominent collaborations with, among others, Moooi, Henk Schiffmacher and Dutch designers such as Arian Brekveld. During Masterly, these collaborations and a number of iconic objects from Royal Delft will be further highlighted and presented with a special twist within the aforementioned theme.

Moooi: Introduction hand-painted Blow Away Vase

In 2023, Royal Delft strengthened its collaboration with Moooi. During the Design Week in Milan, the Moooi x Royal Delft collection will be presented by Moooi in the Salone dei Tessuti. For the first time since the existence of the Moooi x Royal Delft Collection, a hand-painted version of the Iconic Blow Away Vase has been created. The original computer-deformed decoration has now been manually applied to this flamboyant vase by a master painter from Royal Delft. The Blow Away Vase is surrounded by a selection of products from the black and white edition range.

Moooi x Royal Delft: Blow Away Vase

On display during Masterly Milan


The icon of Royal Delft: the flower pyramid. The imposing flower pyramids are made to the example of the late 17th century (royal) pyramids. Over 300 years after the first vases were developed in Delft the blue and white flower pyramid is a famous national icon with royal allure.

MOOOI x Royal Delft

For the first time since the existence of the MOOOI x Royal Delft Collection a hand-painted Limited Edition of the Iconic Blow Away Vase is made. The original computer-deformed decoration is now manually crafted on this flamboyant vase by a master-painter of Royal Delft.

Henk Schiffmacher x Royal Delft

In 2019 Royal Delft presented the first ‘ROYAL BLUE TATTOO’ collection together with iconic Tattoo Artist Henk Schiffmacher. During Salone 2023 we present our newest products, “The Blue Dragons Plates”. The set of 3 decorative wall plates shows the battle of the dragons. The inspiration for this powerful set comes from the year of the dragon in 2024.

House Birds, Iconic Design Objects x Royal Delft

Behold the Housebird, a collectible object that exudes purity and sophistication. Crafted by the visionary multidisciplinary designer Oscar Moctezuma Rodríguez, this unique piece is a true work of art. Now, in collaboration with Royal Delft, the Housebird’s design takes flight to new heights. The Housebird’s design draws inspiration from the Dutch tradition of Delftware, a style that is renowned for its intricate and delicate blue and white patterns. A symbol of creativity and beauty, the Housebird is truly one of a kind.

Proud Mary Special Edition by Koens & Middelkoop

Ever since the introduction of the Proud Mary Figurine, it’s on its way to becoming one of the icons of Royal Delft. This year we celebrate the Dutch Golden Age painter Johannes Vermeer, therefore we introduce one of his iconic paintings The Girl with the Pearl Earring hand-painted on the skirt of our Proud Mary: Proud Mary Vermeer Limited Edition. Done by our most talented master-painters.

Collar Bottles & Bowls by Arian Brekveld.

This range started in 2012 as a minimalistic response to the richly ornamented hand-painted collection of Royal Delft. As time goes by adding hand-painted ornament to a modern shape gives us the best of both worlds.

Giulia Vase

The inspiration for the Giulia Vase comes from the ancient Funnel beaker culture (3000 BC). Their vases have inspired the designers of Royal Delft to create a modern version on which our master-painters can explore their creativity. In this collection, the decoration is a throwback to the early years of Royal Delft around 1653 and the revival period during the Art Nouveau.

Black and White Reflection Series

The new Black and White Reflection series is finished with a powerful ton sur ton effect, showing the traditional flora and fauna decoration style. In the decoration, you can see a reflection of the outside world. The elegance of the shapes comes forward in the Black and White Reflexion Series. The floral pattern emphasizes the subtleness of the iconic products of Royal Delft.

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