Win a Voucher of €50,00

1. Terms and Conditions of Promotion
1.1 These terms and conditions apply to the “Voucher of €50,00 Competition”, hereinafter referred to as “Giveaway survey”.

2. Participation
2.1 The promotion takes place of the tickets given in the shops,  on the Instagram account and the website of Royal Delft.
2.2 Participation in this ‘Voucher of €50,00’ promotion is personal and free of charge.
2.3 Participation is excluded for employees of Royal Delft and anyone who is directly or indirectly involved in this promotion in any way, either directly or indirectly.
2.4 Royal Delft and the participants in the ‘Voucher of €50,00’ promotion are bound by the content and provisions of these terms and conditions.
2.5 Anyone can participate in the ‘Voucher of €50,00’ promotion. However, to have a chance to win the prize, a minimum age of 18 years applies.

3. Action
3.1 The voucher €50,00 promotion runs from 19 April  to 2 May 2023.
3.2 The winner will be announced by e-mail no later than 9th of May 2023.
3.4 The winner will receive a personal message from Royal Delft.

4. Price
4.1 The main prize is a voucher of 50 euros to spend in the two tores and on the webshop. The winner of the grand prize will receive this prize from Royal Delft.
4.2 The promotion is not valid in combination with other promotions or discounts.
4.3 Participants must be at least 18 years old.
4.4 The prize cannot be exchanged for cash.

5. Liability
5.1 Royal Delft, the auxiliary persons or third parties engaged by it are not liable for any damage caused by this Voucher of €50,00 promotion.
5.2 Royal Delft cannot be held liable for any damage caused by the prize to be paid to it.
5.3 Royal Delft is not responsible or liable for defects in the prizes it provides. Royal Delft does not guarantee the prices it will provide.
5.4 For questions, suggestions and complaints, please contact Royal Delft via
5.5  Royal Delft cannot be held liable for any technical malfunctions of the Instagram page, the website or the e-mail provider.

6. Final Provisions
6.1 Royal Delft has the right to change the promotion conditions in the interim.