The products from BlueD1653 are designed by Dutch guild masters from the 21st century: famous Dutch designers. They create and develop new products and are inspired by the master painters at Royal Delft. The collaboration leads to products with a distinct character; Delft Blue meets Dutch design. Designer Damian O’Sullivan: Today, however, they’ve lost some of their lustre and have been prone to very kitsch interpretations. With the Versatiles, I wanted to bring back the tile and felt that as a serving platter (for sushi or tapas) they justified their use. The square is present in each of the three designs in a subtle nudge/wink to the past. The Versatile dip is great for your dishes with a dipping sauce thanks to the circle at the top right.

Versatile dip


Blue D1653


Collection Blue D1653
Dimensions 16 × 24 × 1 cm
Craftmanship Transfer
Weight 900 gr.
Artikelnr. 50500100
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  • Transfer