The products from BlueD1653 are designed by Dutch guild masters from the 21st century: famous Dutch designers. They create and develop new products and are inspired by the master painters at Royal Delft. The collaboration leads to products with a distinct character; Delft Blue meets Dutch design. Double Heritage plays on classic forms derived from existing Royal Delft pieces, that’s the ‘heritage’. The ‘double’ comes from the additional function each vessel begets through its separation in two parts. The double therefore also becomes at once decorative and functional, permitting Delft DNA to be carried into the 21st century in a contemporary setting. Double Heritage is designed by Damian O’Sullivan. The Double Gourd is a modern take on a traditional hand painted vase and consists of two seperate elements.

Double Gourd


Blue D1653


Collection Blue D1653
Dimensions 17,5 × 17,5 × 38 cm
Weight 2460 gr.
Artikelnr. 50600200

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